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Check-in on Seniors living alone like you were there.

Detect potential problems early on and communicate directly without relying on a phone.


Check-in on Seniors living alone like you were there.

Detect potential problems early on and communicate directly without relying on a phone.


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No Cameras or Recording Audio

Monitors daily routines with sensors that learn normal patterns and behaviors over time













Communicate directly without relying on phones.

Instant hands-free answering works like an intercom.


Know if they are going about their normal daily routine, or not.

Understands daily routines & alerts you when unusual behaviour or activity happens.


Send or schedule medication reminders

No need for pillboxes. Set custom voice reminders for medicines and dosage.


Detects smoke, excess humidity and unsafe air quality.


All you have to do is plug it in.


Send Reminders In Your Voice


Caregiver App for iOS & Android

3-Hour Emergency Night Light


Wellbeing Dashboard on Your Phone


Technology for True Independent In-Home Care



CareAlert uses powerful sensors to monitor environmental factors including motion, temperature, humidity, air quality, light, and noise.


CareAlert is built on an AI platform that continuously learns behaviors so it knows when you should be alerted.


CareAlert notifies caregivers of anomalies in behavior or other wellbeing indicators by sending notifications.

“A potential Senior Select product, Sensorscall ensures ease of use and a natural, unobtrusive presence in the everyday lives of people who want to maintain their independence and personal dignity while living confidently in their own homes and at the same time never fearing they are left alone.”

Alison O’Neil


Senior Select Seal

“As somebody whose company is responsible for providing patient care for hundreds of people at home, the well being and safety of our clients is of paramount importance. CareAlert enables caregivers to know if they are up and about and active. In addition, it alerts if an unusual event has happened, such as excessive bathroom activity or no activity in the morning when we usually expect some, all while preserving their privacy.”

Mallie Sharafat


Homestead Hospice

“With a sensor that can send an alert to our children of unusual activity and reminders set in my children’s voices , we can lead active lives and not have my children stressed and anxious. We can also talk to them directly with it. Just so amazing and easy. My family thanks you, CareAlert!”

Michael & Rose Clark